Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10:45 - 11:15am

Children of this age love dancing to the music they hear on the radio. In this class we create dance routine to popular songs that your little one can take with them and use outside the classroom! 


Children of this age also have a large imagination, so we build our dance routines around a current and up to date themes to keep the children engaged.

This class has a strong Broadway focus and teaches, basic dance steps, rhythm and co-ordination, developing your child's love for dance in a fun and creative mannar!

The classes are structured and require the children to listen and follow instructions. Parents are encouraged to view the class through the glass doors of the studio, to create a better learning environment for all children and further develop their self confidence.

There is a voluntary performance element to this class, where your child will be considered for various local performances throughout the year and have the opportunity to perform in our end of year dance concert. Regular attendance is required to be considered for these performances.  

Classes are casual, pay as you go, to provide a fun, 'stress free' experience! If your child loves music and dancing come and give this class it a try!   


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